Step 1: Click “Purchase” Tab, then submit to purchase request forms.

Step 2: Select the name of the fund (Shanta First Income Unit Fund or Shanta Amanah Shariah Fund).

Step 3: Put the numbers of units you intend to purchase. Please bear in mind that number of units should be above 499.

As shown below screenshot.

Step 4: As part of the purchase process, BO acknowledgement letter is mandatory. (In case of not having the BO account, an investor can open a BO account from the nearest brokerage house).

NB: You are requested to upload the scanned copy of cash deposit receipt.

Step 5: Please select your payment type;

Step 6: Please input the respective instrument number and upload a scan copy of your deposit slip;

Step 7: Select name of the branch and name of the bank.

Step 8: Please upload a scan copy of your payment.

Step 9: Write the date of payment deposit.

Step 1: Please select the mutual fund to surrender. 

Step 2: You are requested to upload DP40 in order to surrender your units. Please contact with your brokerage house for DP40 form. After completing DP40 procedure please upload the scanned copy.

To apply for DP40, you are requested to download TRF from our website. Please fill up your required documents and submit it to your broker house. You can download TRF by clicking on the name of the fund below DP40 (Shanta First Income Unit Fund or Shanta Amanah Shariah Fund)

Step 3: Input the number of units you are intended to surrender. Minimum 500 units are required to complete the surrender process. Investor has to withdraw total units, in case he/she of holding less than 500 units. 

Step 1:  Click “Settings” Tab

Step 2: Select “Change Profile” tab

Step 3: Select the name of the fund

Step 4: Investors Mutual Fund, registration number and bank details will be automatically shown after selecting mutual fund.

Step 5: If investor wants to change the present address, e-mail address, phone number and other information, he/she can change it in here;

Step 6: In order to change bank details please select your bank name, branch name and write down your bank account number. After writing down your new account number you are requested to upload a scan copy of your cheque for further confirmation. The information will be updated after acceptance from back office of Shanta Asset Management Limited.

Step 7: Investors can change their dividend option to Cash or CIP

Step 8: To change nominee details please put tick mark nominee details option and change required nominee information.

Step 9: Please fill up mandatory star mark areas to complete nominee changing process. Also you are requested to upload scanned copy of required documents in the boxed areas to finalize the process.

As an existing users have an option to change their password. Click Setting > Change Password >

1) To change your password please type your Current Password. Later type your New Password then retype Confirm Password.

i. Note: Passwords are case sensitive and must be at least eight characters in length (at least one  letter and one number).